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    A Super Simple Guidance to Wholesale Marble Mosaic




    The marble mosaic is one of the popular decorative items in today's market.


    The natural colors are beautiful, and it doesn't take much to make the pattern pop out on any surface.


    Cheap wholesale prices are what have made this type of decoration so popular with people who want to do their own home improvement projects on a budget.


    It takes time for your eyes to adjust when you walk into a room that has marble mosaics all over the walls.


    It can be hard to tell where one starts and another begins because they create such an immersive environment.


    The most important thing about these types of decorations is knowing how they should be cared for so that they last for years at a time without becoming damaged or discolored by dirt or other substances


    You may feel confused about the problem related to the wholesale and maintenance of the marble mosaics. We can understand how you feel, everyone starts from a fresher.


    Do not worry,  the information we provide in this article will help you get a comprehensive understanding to the kind of products! Just read on!


    The blog will include the following content.

    What’s a marble mosaic?

    Different types of Marble

    Different ways of piecing marble tiles together

    Maintenance of marble tiles

     Advantages of marble tiles wholesale

    Where to wholesale marble mosaic?




    Whats a marble mosaic?


    As to the marble mosaic, marble tiles are used for making a pattern or design.


    Marble is an ornamental rock that is highly favored for its veined patterns and diverse colors.


    It is formed from calcite minerals which either come from shells of marine animals or from limestone deposits around hot springs and volcanic eruptions.



    Different types of Marble


    Marble comes in two different types: marble statuary which has larger marble pieces and marble tile which has smaller marble pieces. Statuary marble can be more expensive than other kinds of marble while tile marble can cost less because it uses small pieces to form a pattern.



    Different ways of piecing marble tiles together


    In marble mosaic, you should take note that there are two kinds of methods for putting marble tiles together into a design - the face fix method and the adhesive method.


    The face fix method is the most popular marble mosaic installation method.


    It involves marble pieces that are simply butted against each other on top of a mesh or layer of adhesive mortar.


    The tiles, marble pieces, and adhesive mortar are all prepared before the process begins.


    There should be adequate space between marble pieces for grouting after they are installed in place on the tile backer board.


    When you use the face fix method on a marble mosaic project, it will give you an unaccented appearance of marble pattern which looks smoother than other kinds of mosaics.


    The adhesive method is more complicated than face-fix marble mosaic installation because it requires applying grout to spaces between tiles and then waiting until it dries up before applying adhesive to marble tiles.


    In marble mosaics, you will also need marble adhesive and marble cleaner. Marble adhesive is used to apply marble tiles into place on wall or floor surfaces.


    You should be careful in choosing the type of marble adhesive that best suits your project but just like other kinds of mosaics, you can always use thin-set mortar for marble mosaic installation.


    Marble cleaner removes dirt particles from the surface which the marble mosaic will be covering up after the installation process.


    After removing dirt particles, marble mosaic can better stick onto tile backer board and will resist water damage in the future.


    Cleaning is done by applying a diluted acidic solution to the marble and wiping until there are no more traces of acid in it and the surfaces appear shiny and smooth.



    Maintenance of Marble tiles


    Marble cleaning methods especially marble floor cleaning methods are very important because marble has a polished surface that is shiny and reflective.


    If the marble floor is not kept clean, it will be coming out of the grout lines which will ruin the appearance of your marble tile mosaic installation.


    Marble floor can sometimes soak up water or dirt which then becomes really hard to remove later on.


    To prevent this from happening, the marble floor should be cleaned regularly using pH-neutral marble cleaners so as not to damage its luster and shine.


    Marble mosaic is used indoors only - it cannot stand harsh weather conditions or direct contact with water because marble tiles are made of soft stone materials which easily wear down over time when exposed to too much moisture or salt air.


      Advantages of marble tiles wholesale


    There are advantages to using marble tiles. The popular advantages include ease of cleaning, durability, and resistance to stains. Marble is popularly known as one of the most beautiful stone materials on earth. There are many advantages that come with this material including its beauty, durability, and ease of cleaning.


    • Cost-effective


    When it comes to the advantages of marble tiles wholesale, the number one advantage is that they are cost-effective. The price of marble tiles wholesale for flooring and wall application type is lower than other types of materials such as wood or vinyl. This lowered cost can then be passed on to the customer which makes marble tile an attractive option.


    There are advantages to using marble tiles. The popular advantages include ease of cleaning, durability, and resistance to stains. Marble is popularly known as one of the most beautiful stone materials on earth. There are many advantages that come with this material including its beauty

    durability, and ease of cleaning. This article will discuss some advantages of using marble tiles.


    • Ease of Cleaning


          One advantage to marble is that they are very easy to clean because marble doesn't soak up liquids or grime well. You only need to use warm water and an ordinary household cleaner to keep your marble floor looking good.


    • Durability


          You don't have to worry about marble tiles breaking or cracking because they are very strong and durable. On the other hand, if a marble tile is dropped, it might crack but will not shatter, unlike a ceramic tile. Marble flooring is less likely to chip or break from heavy furniture being dragged across the floor.


    • Stain Resistance


    Marble is a type of stone that is naturally very resistant to stains and this makes marble tiles very popular for flooring in kitchens and bathrooms. On the other hand, if you do happen to get a stain on your marble floor it will be much easier to remove. If something were to spill on your marble tile

    you would only need to wipe the spill away with a damp cloth. No matter what type of fluid it is, marble is guaranteed to stand up against common household spills.


    Where to wholesale marble mosaic?


    Kingham Smart Home Co., Ltd.

    Kingham Smart Home Co., Ltd. is located in Foshan City, Guangdong Province -the capital of ceramics-, China's richest province because it has abundant natural resources like oil and gold as well as many other economical factors which led to its population explosion over recent decades (not just locally). The company provides household products research & development for production through sales design application services based on personalized customization that combines space optimization within homes or bathrooms with distinct styles all at once; they aim not only to establish warehouses throughout Europe but also 10 local ones across South America Africa within three years so quality service can be maintained


    Fulei Stone

    Fulei Stone, a granite and marble quarry sourcing company in China with experience of over 20 years. They specialize in supplying quality blocks as well as slabs to various clients according to their requirements for different projects such at homes or businesses alike! 


    We're the best at what we do because of our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. From developing high-quality products and providing world-class service to fulfill your needs, whether they be big or small; personalizing each project for you - this is how we as vendors care about every single one of our customers' interests & demands!

    We hold extensive background knowledge when it comes to international projects like Sochi Olympic Gym (Russia), and President Hospital (Kazakhstan). Our most recent achievements include working on Viceroy Hotel Dubai's construction site from May 2014 up until the present day where more than 1 million square feet were accomplished last year alone which made its opening possible


    Kungfu Mosaic

    The Kungfu Mosaic was founded in 2018 to produce high-quality natural stone mosaics. They are located at the Guanqiao Industry, Shuitou Town of Lianjiang District, and specialize mainly in tiles made from rocks like jade or granite that can be found locally through mining practices known for their antiquity.


    The team behind this business has decades' worth of experience working with stones; crafting each tile by hand under strict standards before shipping them off across China where they'll take up residence among your elegances


    Meima Mosaic

    Meima Mosaic is the mosaic factory of Foshan Well New Material Co.

    In 2008, we started to produce glass mosaic products, and then gradually expanded our product range, forming a glass mosaic, stone mosaic, and metal mosaic-based professional mosaic manufacturing plant with a full range of products.

    Whether it is material, shape, size, color, treatment process, or packaging, our factory can be customized according to the specific requirements of customers.

    Our current production capacity is 40,000 square meters per month, and our customers are mainly building materials importers and building materials supermarkets in the United States and Europe.

    We look forward to cooperating with you.




    The marble mosaic is a type of flooring that’s made from tiles. A single tile can be used to cover a small area or many tiles can be combined to create large-scale art installations. Marble mosaics are most often composed of black and white, although other colors have been experimented with in recent years. While the cost of individual pieces may vary depending on where you live, it will typically run somewhere around $1 per square foot for wholesale purchases (plus shipping). Buying directly from our online store saves even more by avoiding additional fees like sales tax, which makes us your best option for finding quality marble at an affordable price! Interested? Visit our website today!

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