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    Glass mosaic tile is a beautiful and unique type of tile that can be used for many different projects.


    In this blog, we will share some basic information about Glass mosaic tiles, enabling you to have a clear understanding of the Product


    If you're looking to buy glass mosaic tile wholesale, you can also find the information in this blog


    In the last part, we share a list about Top 10 glass mosaic tile suppliers for wholesale around the world.


    Each of these suppliers offers a variety of glass mosaic tiles in a range of colors, styles, and prices, so you're sure to find the perfect tiles for your project.


    Plus, by buying from these suppliers, you'll get the best prices on high-quality glass mosaic tiles.


    Recycled glass mosaic tiles

    The Raw Material of Glass Mosaic Tile 

    Glass is an amorphous inorganic non-metallic material, that generally takes a variety of inorganic minerals (such as quartz sand, borax, boric acid, barite, barium carbonate, limestone, feldspar, soda ash, etc.) as the main raw material, and adds a small number of auxiliary materials.


    Its main components are silicon dioxide and other oxides.


    The chemical composition of ordinary glass is Na2SiO3, CaSiO3, SiO2 or Na2O-CaO-6SiO2, etc. The main component is silicate compound salt, which is an amorphous solid with no regular structure.


    It is widely used in buildings to insulate wind and light transmission.


    There is also tinted glass which is mixed with some metal oxides or salts to show color and tempered glass which is made by physical or chemical methods.


    Recycled glass mosaic tile

    Specification of Glass Mosaic Tile 


    When it comes to glass mosaic tiles, there are a few key specifications to keep in mind. Here are some of the most important factors to consider when choosing glass mosaic tiles for your project:


    1. Tile Size

    Glass mosaic tiles come in a variety of sizes, from small mosaics that measure just a few millimeters across, to large format tiles that can be over a foot in size.


    Choose the tile size that best suits your needs and the look you’re going for. 


    300 x 300mm crystal glass mosaic tile

    2. Thickness

    Glass mosaic tiles also come in a range of thicknesses, from 4mm to 8mm. The thicker the tile, the more durable it will be. If you’re looking for glass mosaic tiles for an area that will see a lot of traffic, choose a thicker tile.


    4 mm glass mosaic


    4 mm glass mosaic is the most common-used glass mosaic tile in the market

    the advantage:  light-weight and affordable

    the disadvantage: not glossy enough, weak sense of depth,  easier to break, easy to fall off

    When using the 4 mm glass mosaic tile with the wall tiles, due to the wall tiles' thickness is generally 8mm.  So you need to make a leveling, which is time-consuming and labor-intensive

    8 mm glass mosaic

     8 mm glass mosaic is not as popular as 4mm glass mosaic in the market for some reasons.

    the advantage: higher gloss, good three-dimensional sense, not easy to break, better with the wall tile floor tile

    the disadvantage: the quality is heavy, and the price is more than double the price of 4 mm.

     10 mm glass mosaic

    This type of mosaic, including thicker mosaic, is generally used for special occasions, such as highlighting the main points of the whole picture.


    so that the whole wall looks more three-dimensional


    its gloss is very good, but not easy to use on a large scale


    It can get better results when using them with 8mm mosaic, of course, the price is not expensive.


    3. Finish

    Glass mosaic tiles are available in a variety of finishes, from glossy to matte. Choose the finish that best suits the look you’re going for in your space.


    4. Color

    Glass mosaic tiles come in an endless array of colors. Whether you’re looking for vibrant hues or more subdued shades, you’ll be able to find glass mosaic tiles to suit your needs.

    Uv printing glass mosaic tile with different colours

    5. Pattern


    In addition to solid glass mosaic tiles, there are also tiles that feature patterns or designs. If you want to add some visual interest to your space, consider using patterned glass mosaic tiles.



    Keep these glass mosaic tile specifications in mind when choosing tiles for your next project. With so many options available, you’re sure to find the perfect glass mosaic tiles to suit your needs.


    6. Application


    Living room


    a wide variety, to create a personalized backdrop


    Living rooms generally use a mosaic to create a decorative backdrop, with the development of the mosaic process, a variety of innovative materials has been applied to the mosaic above.

    Now, the use of mosaic decorative mosaic can even achieve the decorative effect of imitation wallpaper, and the service life is also longer. This is undoubtedly good news for people living in the region with humid weather.


    Moreover, because the mosaic backdrop is composed of small pieces of mosaic, it has incomparable flexibility, people can even send wedding photos, family photos, and personal portrait photos to manufacturers so that manufacturers specialize in making unique living rooms backdrops. 




    One of the most commonly used mosaic places probably has to be the bathroom, the first thing to be clear, the bathroom gives people a sense of relaxation, tranquility, and release, so the color of the mosaic in the space should not be too strong, jump, otherwise, it will give people emotional volatility and depression.


    The walls are generally decorated with glass mosaic and other reflective materials for local embellishments, such as the back wall behind the toilet, shower position, etc., which can play a good role in decoration.


    Dining room

    we can use one color mosaic tile with various specifications like shape and size to achieve a visually pleasing effect


    Swimming pool

    Swimming Pool mosaic is generally divided into glass mosaic and ceramic mosaic.


    These two materials basically account for more than ninety percent of the share of mosaic. Which is more recognized by the market?


    First of all, the glass mosaic hardness is sufficient, but its flexibility is not enough, so it's easier to break, once broken in the pool bottom it's easy to cut people's feet, this is a problem many people who use glass mosaic tile for swimming pool will worry about.


    ceramic mosaic is sintered at a high temperature of 1200 degrees, providing ceramic a good pressure resistance, it will have a layer of crystalline glaze on the surface, to increase the flexibility, so in terms of safety performance, ceramic mosaic is better.


    In addition, ceramic mosaics have a very special pattern design on the back, when tiling, such a design can increase the bonding with tile adhesive.


    That's why ceramic mosaic tile is not easy to fall off, while the back of the glass mosaic is relatively flat, bonding is not as good as that of ceramic mosaic.



    Different Kinds of Glass Mosaic Tile

    Glass is mainly divided into two categories: flat glass and deep-processed glass, of which there are three main types of flat glass: flat glass (divided into two types of slotted/non-slotted), flat-drawn flat glass, and float glass.

    From the composition of raw material and process, glass mosaic tile can also be divided into three types

    (1) Fused Glass Mosaic

    The fusing method is based on the raw material of quartz sand, limestone, feldspar, soda ash, colorants, emulsifiers, etc.  After high-temperature melting with the shaft calendering method or plane calendering method of molding, and finally annealed.

    the glass Mosaic is formed at high temperature and is milky or galaccid, containing a small number of bubbles and unmelted particles.


    (2) Sintered Glass Mosaic.

    The sintering method is made of waste glass, adhesive, and other materials, through the process of briquetting, drying, sintering and annealing.


    (3) Venus Glass Mosaic.

    Contains a small number of bubbles and a certain amount of metal crystal particles obvious with the light flashing glass Mosaic. 


    (4) Crystal glass mosaic tiles 

    Crystal glass mosaic is made of high whiteness flat glass. after high-temperature reprocessing, the raw material will be fused into a variety of colorful styles and specifications of the mosaic.


    Non-toxic, non-radioactive elements, alkali-resistant, acid-resistant, temperature-resistant, wear-resistant, waterproof, high hardness, non-fading, and many other strict requirements for the product can be satisfied

    At the same time, because of the special nature of glass, it has the advantages like crystal clear, bright, beautiful, and colorful.


    From the perspective of decoration, it can fully demonstrate the beauty and elegance of glass art. In different lighting effects, crystal glass mosaic tile is able to produce a rich three-dimensional vision.


    With hundreds of colors and different sizes, various shapes like square, rectangular, rhombus, round, and others, there is endless space for beautiful combinations in the design.


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    Aluminum Mosaic Tiles

    How to install wall glass mosaic tile


    • Make sure the construction surface is flat and clean, after making the reference line, then the mosaic neutral adhesive is applied to the construction surface on average.

    •  In order to paste the mosaic on, each piece should be left with appropriate gaps between it. After each piece of sticker that the mosaic will be flattened with wooden strips, to determine whether each place is compacted and fully integrated with the adhesive.

    •  The next day or after the adhesive is dry, the paper can be torn. Moisten the sticker with a sponge and wait until the sticker is completely wet before tearing the paper.

    • Caulking. Use tools to fill the mosaic crystal caulk or the original priming adhesive, white cement, etc. to fully fill the gap.

    •  Cleaning. Use a damp sponge to clean the excess sealant attached to the Mosaic, and then wipe with a dry cloth.


    the final look of glass mosaic tile in house

    The characteristics of glass mosaic


    Glass mosaic has the advantages of soft tones, simple, elegant, beautiful, generous, chemical stability, and heat resistance.


    You Don't need to worry about the discoloration, dust accumulation

     Its compressive strength, tensile strength, high-temperature resistance, water resistance, and acid resistance are reliable enough for you to choose it as a good house decoration.


    Application of glass mosaic


    Glass mosaic in swimming pools, science, and technology museums, theaters, TV towers, kindergartens, playgrounds (House of Horrors), flower terraces and water pavilions, courtyards and pavilions, temples and monasteries, furniture and bathrooms, disco ballrooms, ice rinks, bars, clubs, etc.,


    Especially at night when the surrounding environment is dark and in the application of indoor walls and floors, the luminous effect is more prominent.


    In the design and construction, if the auxiliary matching purple light, energy-saving light, and fluorescent light for targeted irradiation, just after turning off the lights, the building itself will have the general feeling of crystal clear jade, transparent and luminous, quiet and profound, the night for the building itself to add extraordinary mysterious color and infinite romantic mood



    Top 10 glass mosaic tile suppliers for wholesale


    Meima Mosaic

    Meima Mosaic is the mosaic factory of Foshan Well New Material Co.

    In 2008, we started to produce glass mosaic products, and then gradually expanded our product range, formed a glass mosaic, stone mosaic, metal mosaic-based professional mosaic manufacturing plant with a full range of products.

    Whether it is material, shape, size, color, treatment process or packaging, our factory can be customized according to the specific requirements of customers.

    Our current production capacity is 40,000 square meters per month, and our customers are mainly building materials importers and building materials supermarkets in the United States and Europe.

    We look forward to cooperating with you.


    Mosaic Tile Mania

    Mosaic Tile Mania is a family-owned and operated business.  We got our start on eBay in 2002, where we quickly grew to be known by our customers as the best source for hand-cut, stained glass mosaic tiles.  Our mission has always remained focused on providing the highest quality and most diverse selection of stained glass mosaic tiles and mosaic supplies to give all our customers the convenience of one-stop shopping.  You'll find that our variety in both tile colors and sizes surpasses all the rest.  At Mosaic Tile Mania you'll also enjoy great prices, quick shipping and friendly customer service.  Give us a try!



    American Glass Mosaics

    Headquartered in Spring Lake, Michigan, American Glass Mosaics brings Italian glass-making beauty and tradition to the United States, and to you! Our glass engineers have more than 50 years of mosaic glass experience utilizing proven techniques to produce products with the highest quality and distinction.

    From the chemistry of our 100% recycled glass to the consistency of our annealing process, the benefits customers receive from our products include not only visual beauty but also reliable long-term performance.

    We are proud to use recycled scrap glass that would otherwise go to landfills to help preserve our natural resources for future generations.


    AquaBlu Mosaics


    In 2013, from a humble beginning but with a big vision, AquaBlu Mosaics was created. Our mission was simple:  to create an online shopping experience that was unbeatable in its selection of specialty products for pools and outdoor environments, its user-friendly appeal, and its competitive pricing – all while providing a superior level of customer service.


    From fine hand-selected tiles and mosaics specifically crafted for pools but equally ideal for home interiors, to one-of-a-kind custom mosaic creations that bring your vision, your art and your statement to this classic medium, we offer products that will enhance and improve any living space. 


    We are mosaic tile specialists with a love for all things aquatic. With over 15 years in the swimming pool tile industry and a deep connection to the ocean - from surfing, boating, and diving, to ocean conservation - our love of creating beautiful outdoor oases is rooted deep in the water. With our offices located in sunny Florida and golden California, we are a small team of ocean-minded, quality-driven, and service-oriented individuals.


    Inspired by the ocean, our dream is to bring an aquatic oasis to every home while also giving back and supporting this valuable ecosystem. With every purchase made, a portion of the proceeds is donated to ocean conservation efforts. By creating AquaBlu Mosaics we’ve made it possible to combine our area of expertise with our passion for marine conservation. We hope to make a meaningful impact and inspire others to do so as well.



    We are a professional mosaic manufacturer located in Foshan, China, specializing in producing all kinds of glass mosaic since June 2nd, 2008.


    Now there’re around 200 workers, and our factory covering around 16,000m2,, capacity reaches up to 30,000m2/month. With new machines, such as a new 68-meter-long kiln, believe we can reach over 40,000 m2/month since the middle of 2018.


    So far, we have over 2,000 models.

    New items are launched every season. Moreover, customizing is acceptable.


    All of these enable our partners to get more options for further markets. And with our own professional design team, we can always capture the market’s and customers’ needs exactly.


    Nearby Foshan, Guangzhou Ports, our location benefits transportation cost controlled.


    What’s more, we are guaranteed with some famous international Certificates, e.g.: SGS / TUV/ BV/ CE.


    With great efforts of our professional sales team, our goods are sold over 100 countries / areas throughout the world! At present, North America, Europe, Middle East are our main markets.


    We sincerely welcome customers to come and establish a long-term mutual benefit business relationship with us. Looking forward to meeting you soon 


    Interstyle embodies creativity, warmth and precision; making everyday living and working space extraordinary. Leading development of innovative surface materials, everything is crafted by artisans directly for you in our Vancouver facility.


    Made on demand, we never run out of stock and colors are always current.


    Made to order allows for incredible design and production flexibility. Order one or thousands, we can make what you want when you need it. Our equipment is designed and built in-house even including the new Interstyle RobotX mosaic system. In Vancouver, we are contributing to important local landmarks, such as the Vancouver International Airport, the Vancouver Convention Centre and the Vancouver Aquarium.


    Villi brings you glass tiles unique to the world in their color, depth and beauty.

    Villi glass uniquely absorbs and then reflects light in a brilliant show of color.  Ever-changing and always-inspiring, Villi glass tile is the choice for the most discerning designers, quality-focused distributors and those home owners who demand perfection in look and feel.

    Created in Austria and manufactured to the highest quality standards in a patented process, Villi glass tiles are offered in a variety of surfaces, formats and colors for use that is only limited by the imagination.


    Dubond Products India Private Limited

    The established in the year 2009, We, Dubond Products India Private Limited, are the manufacturing, exporting of the Tile Adhesive, Glass Mosaic Tiles, Wall Texture, Wall Putty, Cement Grout, Epoxy Grout, Swimming Pool Tiles, Epoxy Flooring, Block Fix Adhesive and more. The offered range of products is manufactured by taking quality assured components and innovative manufacturing methods under the supervision of our adroit professionals. All our products are made as per the industry laid standards and norms. These products are highly appreciated across the market for their premium quality and long shelf life. We export our products all over the world.

    We are committed to offering superb quality products to our respected clients. For this, we have appointed a team of well qualified and experienced professionals who are well versed with this domain. These professionals hold expertise in manufacturing these products as per the client’s detailed requirements. Empowered by a modern and well-equipped infrastructure facility, we have been able to execute our business operations in most efficient manner. In order to tune up with the ever changing technology, we have established an in-house research and development unit. Owing to this, we have earned a huge client base in short period of time.

    Under the continuous supervision of our mentor and director, Mr. Bharvin Patel, we are able to cater the vast clientele across the globe. Backed by us excellent management skills, we have been able to attain a Distinct and dynamic position in this domain.

    UCI Union Ceramics International specializes

    UCI Union Ceramics International specializes in the production, logistics and design of mosaics for over 25 years. The collections we offer are always produced according to our specifications and thus in a responsible manner. TMF® (The Mosaic Factory) is a brand of UCI. The headquarters, European warehouse and extended showroom of TMF® are located in Nistelrode, next to the A50. In addition, TMF® takes part in the Architecten Showroom Amsterdam and has a Quality and Sourcing Office in Singapore.

    We believe that when working together, we can make projects more beautiful and distinctive – that’s why our motto is ‘Let’s make something beautiful!’. Our mosaics are perfect for this task: they are versatile, of high quality and very affordable. Besides, the possibilities of what we can create with our mosaics are endless. We offer custom made designs with all kinds of patterns and we can even process an image or photo in mosaics. This way we can satisfy all our clients’ needs and therefore contribute to their success. This is how we eventually hope to become the best supplier of mosaics in Europe, in which we will always work according to the following principles:

    • A deal’s a deal
    • We aim for long-term relationships
    • A quick response to every question
    • A fair product for a fair price
    • Correct deliveries in solid packaging
    • Flexibility regarding our client’s wishes
    • An assortment that is regularly updated
    • Our client’s success is key

    Betas Glass Mosaic

    Betas Glass Mosaic, since 1984, the most brilliant, the highest quality glass mosaics, realizes the production of all over the world. Betaş, the pioneer of the glass mosaic sector, employs 125 people in 2 glass mosaic factories of its own in Turkey Istanbul Avcilar Firuzkoy, which has a production capacity of 400,000 m2 / year. With its production base of 135 people in Foshan, China, the company exports its products directly to the world.

    7 sales offices across Turkey over the region, spread to all provinces, an expert on 1425 units, knowledgeable, high-quality products with the dealers have made the ultimate union of hearts is met by consumers. Our company, which has 50 dealers abroad, has added the Granite Ceramic and Decorative product concept as of February 2013 to the portfolio of 580 varieties of crystal glass mosaic products.

    As Betaş, you will be able to use the decorative and exclusive products such as Ceramic, Granite, Floor Decoration, Wall Decor, Border, glass mosaic tiles with our quality assurance for years in your homes and offices.

    We will continue to contribute to the development of glass mosaic design in world trends. In order to increase the comfort and quality of life of all our customers, we will continue to add new colors and different touches to Ceramic, Granite, Decor and Border products.



    In this blog, we introduced many factors about glass mosaic tile, including its raw material, specification, installation, different kinds, characteristics, process, and application. 

    Besides, we choose 10 reliable glass mosaic tile suppliers to make a list for you. 

    If you still have any questions about mosaic tiles, welcome to contact us! 

    Thanks for your reading


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