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    Have you ever seen a mosaic tile before? Mosaic tiles are very common in various places around the world. They are known by various names depending on where they are produced, but they tend to be made out of glass or ceramics. 

    Whether they're in your grandmother's kitchen, in the bathroom of your favorite hotel, or lining the walls of famous landmarks from various countries, they have been around for centuries. 

    In this article,  we'll be going over various types of mosaic tiles, where they're typically used and the best place to buy them depending on your needs, if you want to know more about mosaic tiles, just read on.


    Why is it called a Mosaic?

     We can speculate all day answering this question, but no one really knows for sure.


    The most widely accepted theory is that it derives from the Italian word "Mosaico" which literally translates to "mosaic", giving many various types of art forms its familiar name.

    What are Mosaic Tiles used For?

    They can be found in various places around your home, but they're mostly associated with bathrooms and kitchens.


    Their main function is to add design to various different walls or floors, but can also serve as a pretty good sound barrier for various types of vibrations such as footsteps on the floor above you.


    They can be seen in various places around your home, including Bathrooms Floors Walls Kitchens Showers


    Where are Mosaic Tiles made?

     As we mentioned earlier, various types of mosaic tiles are around the world. These various different places include:


    - Mexico - Italy -Different Types of European Nations -India -Various Types of Asian Nations


    However, according to various statistics, the most popular type of mosaic tile is the Italian one.


    They tended to be produced and exported to various other countries, where they were then imported and used in various types of applications.


    Types of Mosaic Tiles

    There are various types of mosaic tiles out there on the market today. These various different types include: -Glass Tile (Semi-Precious) -Ceramic Tile (Fired) -Stone Tile (Cut)


    Glass Tile


    Glass tile is a great choice for various types of mosaic tiles because it's so easy to cut various different designs into various shapes and sizes.


    This means you can get creative when designing various parts of your home with various patterns(which can be customized by printing technology like UV printing and inkjet printing), themes, or pictures!


    The most popular types of glass tiles are the European Glass Tiles.


     Ceramic Tile

    Ceramic is also another very popular choice thanks to various different applications for various types of designs.


    They are commonly used when you want to make various shapes or engravings in various sizes, but the downside is that they aren't transparent like glass tiles are.


    However, there are various types of ceramic tiles that are transparent such as the various types of Japanese mosaic tiles.


    Stone Mosaic Tile

     The various type of stone mosaic tiles is also a very popular choice for various various various designs and applications.


    They can be made in various shapes and sizes, often times in various different colors and designs which helps to add variety in design in your home or s various hotel rooms.


    They are also used in kitchens and bathrooms because they're water-resistant, but the downfall is that they're very heavy to work with.

    How to Choose

    Tile mosaics are meant to be durable and stylish, the perfect decoration for the floor of any room.


    If you choose mosaic tiles that are too flashy or not designed well, your room will look tacky instead of trendy.


    When choosing mosaic tiles for your new floor, choose one that is similar in size and shape so it doesn't look haphazard.


    For an odd size, the room chooses a mosaic pattern that doesn't have too many straight lines, choose a curve pattern to balance the room out.


    In a square room choose a tile shaped like a diamond or a rectangle with rounded edges.


    Mosaic tiles can be laid down in different ways, from the traditional straight-edged pattern to random patterns that include lots of curves.


    If you have a small bathroom choose mosaic tiles that are lighter in color or even clear so they don't give off too much heat. Mosaic tiles look great under the light, choose darker colors for larger rooms where they can stand out more.


    Colors can also be chosen for their different uses, the most popular marble mosaic tiles are white.


    White is best suited to large rooms where it can shine and reflect light everywhere, choose black for smaller bathrooms because it makes the space seem more spacious.


    Mosaic tiles come in many different shapes and sizes so choose one that will go well with your interior design style or choose double-sized tiles for a more neutral effect.


    The pattern also is one of the most important factors you should take care. Thanks to printing technology, people can customize the surface of mosaic tile as they want. 


    If you choose a tile with a very high glaze, choose marble or stone mosaic tiles, vinyl mosaic tiles instead because the shine will make it look plastic and cheap. Consider using mosaic tiles as accent pieces in other parts of your home to save money, choose unique patterns that can be used as an interesting wall decoration to spruce up your kitchen, or choose specific tiles to match the decor in each room.

    Where Can I Buy Mosaic Tiles?

    There are many stores that sell mosaic tiles, but the most recommended where to buy mosaic tiles  is the wholesale store, online or ask your friends where they purchase their materials from.

    If you have a nearby neighborhood where there is a wholesale store that offers these products, take advantage of it and purchase the material for a cheap price. This way, you can save more where you can use it for other purposes

    If you don't have a wholesale store nearby , you can visit your friends who knows where they purchase their materials from, or you can also view them online. There are many stores where they offer mosaic tiles with perfect design  at a cheap price.

    The internet is also another great place where there are many stores that offer mosaics. You can search and browse through their product catalogs for  the perfect design and a cheap rate which you can save more for future purposes.

    Here we will recommend you to search the mosaic tiles supplier from Alibaba,  you can find unaccountable mosaic tile suppliers in the platform, most of them are from China, providing mosaic tiles with high quality and affordable price.  

    Also, we will share some reliable mosaic tiles suppliers here for you to choose.

    Meima Mosaic

    Meima Mosaic is the mosaic factory of Foshan Well New Material Co.


    In 2008, we started to produce glass mosaic products, and then gradually expanded our product range, formed a glass mosaic, stone mosaic, metal mosaic-based professional mosaic manufacturing plant with a full range of products.


    Whether it is material, shape, size, color, treatment process or packaging, our factory can be customized according to the specific requirements of customers.


    Our current production capacity is 40,000 square meters per month, and our customers are mainly building materials importer

    Gong Loon Jadeite Manufacture Co., Ltd.

    With over 20 years of dedication, Gong Loon Jadeite Manufacture Co., Ltd. occupies an area of 60,000 square meters in the Xinhui District of Jiangmen City, which is a famous overseas Chinese hometown in Guangdong Province of China.

    Fully owned by Gong Loon Industries Ltd., a sole investment enterprise based in Hong Kong, the company specializes in manufacturing "asart" glass mosaics with a daily output of 17,000 square meters, exports 60% of them overseas and has earned trust and high regards from customers worldwide.

    Currently, we have 450 employees, 8% of them are senior engineers with either college degrees or technical institute diplomas. Our management has long been in pursuit of offering world-class products and excellent services, and fully implements the ISO9001-2000 product management system with compliance of UK BS6431 inspection standard.

    As the top designated supplier of glass mosaics to the Hong Kong Housing Authority and Housing Department for constructing affordable housing, we have established our reputation among architects and gained an overwhelming market share of 80%.


    MM- Mosaic


    MM-Mosaic" is a brand owned by "Foshan ANT Buying Service Co., Limited", which is registered in China mainland and Hongkong."MM-Mosaic" focuses on supplying mosaic decor products with supper qualily, considerate service and resonable price to distributors, importers, projects and chain shops etc all over the world. We invested 1 production base and accredit the brand to 3 cooperated factories. We have our own complete quality-control system. All exported products have been controlled and inspected in each step. Today we really hope we can set up long-term cooperation with new friends from all over the world and grow with them together. Client's praise is the best prize for us.


    Foshan Crystal Palace Decoration Art Co.,Ltd.

    Foshan Crystal Palace Decoration Art Co.,Ltd. is a professional Glass Tile manufacturer who has more than 10 years experience in the tiles industry..You will be amazed at the wide selections of colors, sizes, shapes and new styles CP can provide.We are also capable of practicing your special request on our products.

    From your residential kitchen, bathroom, living spaces or exterior designs to both small and large scale commercial projects, we are excited to share our mosaic tiles and help you turn the ordinary into the extraordinary!




     You should look into all aspects that include looking into what type of tile works best for various various various various various various various various various various various different applications and where you can buy them from. Thanks for reading best place to buy mosaic tiles! If you have other questions,please feel free to contact us!  

    Thanks for your reading ! 

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