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    Mosaic suppliers are a valuable resource for your mosaic business.

    Mosaic suppliers can provide you with the materials, tools, and knowledge to create beautiful mosaics in an efficient way.

    They can also help you find the best products for your needs at prices that will work within your budget. Whether you're looking for tile, grout, or other supplies, there is a mosaic supplier out there who has what you need and wants to help you succeed! 

    If you have interests, do not miss this article, just read on.

    What is mosaic

    Mosaic is an ancient art form. Mosaic was first used by the Egyptians who would place flat rocks or tiles with pictures on them in their buildings.  

    Mosaic comes from a Greek word meaning "to assemble", this refers to how mosaic artists need to combine small pieces of stone, glass, ceramic or other materials and then stick them together to make a picture.

    Mosaic is also used in other arts such as photography and literature.

    Mosaic is not only an art form but it has many purposes such as covering areas, decoration and even structural support for the building that they are placed on. Mosaic has been around for thousands of years and still popular today. 

    The material of mosaic

    Mosaic can be made from many different materials, the most common being stone, ceramic or glass tile. Mosaics that are made out of stone tiles will last a very long time if they are taken care of and not exposed to a lot of harsh weather conditions.


    The Application of Mosaic

    Mosaic is seen all over the world in churches, synagogues and mosques. Mosaic is also used to decorate all sorts of different things from buildings, subway stations, museums and even bathrooms. Mosaics can be used as decoration or for more practical purposes such as a way to cover an unsightly wall or structural support for the building.

    Pros and cons of mosaic

    Mosaic tile became popular again in the late 1800s and played a big part in the art deco movement. Mosaic tile can be very simple or highly detailed, depending on how it is crafted. Mosaic tiles are easy to maintain and clean, making them a practical choice for many homes and businesses.

    However, mosaic tiles should  not be used in certain areas. Mosaic tiles should not be used on floors that are subject to moisture, as the grout lines may become damaged and the tile will gradually lose its luster .

    Mosaics can also be easily broken if they aren't installed properly or if something heavy is dropped directly onto them. Mosaics have an entirely  different set of problems if they are not sealed, so it is extremely important that Mosaic tiles are properly installed and finished.

    How to find a good company

    Where can i find a mosaic supplier? It is perhaps one of the most commonly asked questions in our product sourcing company when we get requests about finding Mosaic tiles

    A good mosaic company can provide you with everything that you need to complete your decoration. Some companies will even let you have a sample box of tiles so that you can see what the finished design would look like in your own home before finalising any decisions.

    The great thing about ordering tiles this way is that it allows you to get an idea of how much work is involved in getting the tiles to your chosen location and how long it will take you.

    If this isn't possible, many companies also offer a sample service where they send you a small selection of floor or wall tiles to allow you to see them in your home. By doing this, it gives you an idea of whether or not the finished product would look good.

    That’s why it’s important to find a good mosaic suppliers, enabling you to make over your home without needing to empty your bank account. 

    We will share some channels for you to find a reliable mosaic suppliers in the following content:

    (1)B2B marketplace

    The best way to find Mosaic supplier is by using B2B Marketplace like Tradekey.com.

    On Tradekey.com you find many Mosaic suppliers with Mosaic design capability who can offer Mosaic warehousing, Mosaic logistics support and Mosaic design service.

    Tradekey is a global online B2B Marketplace for buying Mosaic products from Mosaic suppliers as well as Mosaic suppliers in China, Mosaic suppliers in India and Mosaic suppliers anywhere in the world.

    On Tradekey you can source best quality products from Mosaic supplier at very competitive price.

    (2)Find mosaic suppliers on site

    There are many Mosaic suppliers out there, but finding Mosaic supplier onsite from a local city is somewhat of an arduous task. Mosaics are usually made in large factories and then shipped off to you.

    However, if you need Mosaic tile onsite, the best thing to do is find Mosaic suppliers that have manufacturing facilities near you. Mosaic onsite is also a little more expensive, since you will have to pay for shipment as well as final Mosaic installation costs:

    Not everyone lives next to Mosaics manufacturers, but some Mosaic suppliers will ship Mosaics offsite and other Moasaic suppliers will Mosaics onsite.

    If you need Mosaic supplier onsite, contact Mosaic manufacturers that are in your city. Mosaics made nearby only cost a little more than Mosaics that have to be shipped offsite from factories in faraway cities.

    (3)Industry event

    If you are a business owners, you must have heard some industry events like  Canton Fair 

    The Mosaic Supplier  can be found easily at the Canton Fair. Mosaic suppliers can be located at Mosaic Hall, which is one of the largest Mosaic trade platform in the world with hundreds of Mosaic exhibitors from around the globe participating in it every year.

    Having been held more than 20 times since its inception over  the past half century, Mosaic Hall has become a great Mosaic trading platform for Mosaic buyers and Mosaic suppliers to conduct business.

    The Mosaic exhibitors at the Canton fair provide Mosaic products and services like Mosaic Machinery & Tools, Mosaic Raw Materials and Mosaic Manufacturing Processes. Mosaic buyers get immense business opportunities.

    As to the buyers. They can also get a great number of opportunities, gathering the information from different mosaic suppliers for comparison. In such doing, they can get the best price.

    And they can even get different products sample for comparison.  The only disadvantage is that you should make a business trip to the place of the Industry event, which will cost you both energy and money.

    Types of mosaics available in stores

    Mosaics have been in existence since the times of ancient Greece. Mosaics are forms of art made by arranging small pieces of stone, glass, or other materials to form an image or pattern.

    Mosaics can be used to cover floors, walls and roofs but are also used to make jewelry. Mosaic art became very popular during the  Victorian Era of the 1800s and is still popular today. Mosaics come in two basic types, tessellated and seamed.

    Tessellated mosaics are made from a single large piece of glass or stone that has been ground into small pieces. This can be a time-consuming process and requires an experienced mosaic artist to ensure  that the image is symmetrical.

    Mosaic artists from Mosaics by Roman Mosaics make and sell tessellated mosaics all over the world for use in homes, hotels, restaurants and commercial buildings.

    Segmented mosaics are made from many pieces that are placed together to form a larger piece. The individual pieces of glass or stone in this type of mosaic have usually been cut or broken with a hammer and then ground to make the edges smooth.

    Mosaics made from these pieces are called seamed mosaics, not tessellated . Seamed mosaics are generally cheaper than tessellated designs because less work is done on the materials used to create them.

    Factors make a different to the price

    Supply and demand

    The cost of Mosaic may vary across different brands.

    This is because there are some Mosaic suppliers who produce Mosaic in a different way, the number of Mosaic they can produce per day might also vary. Supply and demand also affect Mosaic price.

    Mosaic suppliers and Mosaic manufacturers that have Mosaic in excess of the market demand will sell them at a lower price while Mosaic manufacturers and Mosaic suppliers who have less Mosaic to supply or less Mosaic in demand will charge more for their products.

    Mosaic manufacturers and Mosaic suppliers may also change the Mosaic price from time to time depending on the demand for Mosaic . Mosaic suppliers and Mosaic manufacturers also increase or decrease Mosaic prices according to their financial status.

    Type of Mosaic

    Mosaic types may affect the price of Mosaic drastically.

    Some Mosaic suppliers and Mosaic manufacturers produce hand-made Mosaic while others produce Mosaic machine made.

    Mosaic suppliers and Mosaic manufacturers that produce Mosaic machine made Mosaic may sell their Mosaic at a lower price than those who make Mosaic by hand. Mosaics' types also affect the price of Mosaic .

    Some Mosaic suppliers prefer to use imported natural stone while others are contented with using man -made Mosaic. Mosaic suppliers and Mosaic manufacturers that use man-made Mosaic sell their Mosaic at a lower price than those who use imported natural stone Mosaics.

    Manufacturer of Mosaic

    Mosaic manufacturer may also affect the cost of Mosaic . Some Mosaic suppliers produce Mosaics in bulk while others in small quantities Mosaics. Mosaic suppliers who produce Mosaics in bulk supply Mosaic at a lower price compared to Mosaic producers who sell Mosaics in small quantities Mosaic. Mosaic manufacturers may also change the Mosaic price from time to time depending on demand for Mosaic 

    Brand of Mosaic

    A brand of Mosaic also affect Mosaic prices.

    Mosaic manufacturers that produce Mosaics from scratch or they produce Mosaics with their own brand will sell those Mosaic at high price as compared to Mosaic suppliers who buy Mosaic from other Mosaic suppliers and use their own brand when selling them.

    There are some Mosaic suppliers who sell Mosaics with their own Mosaic brands at a lower price compared to Mosaic manufacturers . Mosaic suppliers and Mosaic manufacturers sometimes change the Mosaic price depending on demand for Mosaic and product brand.

    Why choose Meima Mosaic

    Meima Mosaic is the mosaic factory of Foshan Well New Material Co.

    In 2008, Meima started to produce glass mosaic products, and then gradually expanded their product range, forming a glass mosaic, stone mosaic,vinyl mosaic tile, metal mosaic-based professional mosaic manufacturing plant with a full range of products.

    Whether it is material, shape, size, color, treatment process or packaging, their factory can be customized according to the specific requirements of customers.

    Their current production capacity is 40,000 square meters per month, and their customers are mainly building materials importers and building materials supermarkets in the United States and Europe.



    At the end of the day, it all comes down to what you want. Whether that’s a beautiful mosaic for your living room, or just something small and cheap to decorate with in your home office – there is a company out there ready to help!

    It takes some time and research finding that perfect match for your needs so be sure not stop until you find one. And if you do need any advice on where to start looking from an expert perspective then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today!

    Thanks for your reading!

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