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    If you want to choose mosaic tile supplies, no matter for the business or daily use purposes.


    Choosing mosaic tiles suppliers from China would be a superior choice.


    In this article, we will explain the reason why we would recommend you to choose them. From the quality to the price, we will discuss them later, just read on, and you will get the information you need.



    Chinese mosaic tiles market


    At the beginning of the Chinese mosaic tile market development, Chinese mosaic tiles were only used in commercial buildings, but gradually Chinese people started to use Chinese mosaic tiles in daily life. Chinese mosaics are becoming popular among Chinese people.


    From 2005 to 2010 Chinese production volume of Chinese mosaics increased from 3 billion square meters to 5 billion square meters; since 2011 Chinese production volume reached 7 billion square meters.


    Market research has shown that Chinese mosaic tiles are mainly made of Chinese porcelain, Chinese ceramic, Chinese glass, and other materials. 


    Chinese mosaics can be divided into two types: wall-tile type and free-standing tile type.


    Over the past few years, Chinese market development is moving toward medium and high-grade Chinese mosaic tiles.


    The Chinese government has also implemented some tax and policy reforms to stimulate Chinese market development.


    The Chinese market is still at a very early stage of development; it can be expected that the Chinese market will develop rapidly in the next few years.


    Chinese analysts estimate that Chinese mosaics will experience an annual growth rate of 20% in the Chinese domestic market in the next few years.

    Mosaic tiles supplier    

    The quality of Chinese mosaic tile

    In the construction of the contemporary pools, bathrooms, living rooms, and other interior decorations mosaic tile plays a role in the design and decorative function.


    In Europe and the United States market, European-made mosaics are in great popularity at a high price. The main reason is that many residents in western countries deemed that Chinese-made mosaic tiles could not compare with European products in terms of quality.


    But the reality is that "high price" does not necessarily mean "good quality", and "low price" doesn't always mean "poor quality".

    Chinese mosaic tile has been making rapid progress in recent years.


    The manufacturers continue to improve the appearance and quality of mosaic tiles with high-quality materials and advanced technology.


    For example, some factories produce mosaics with artificial stone surfaces to create an imitation natural stone tile.


    This kind of product has good wear resistance, anti-aging, and waterproof function because of its simulated natural stone.

    They are not only visually pleasing but also easy to clean. The volume of export to Europe and America continuously has been rising yearly.


    In addition, many famous European organizations have started to use Chinese-made mosaic tiles. The market share of the product was already over 30% in 2016.


    Other than the improvement of quality, there is another reason for this phenomenon, which is the market price and cost of Chinese-made mosaic tile has been greatly reduced because of the rise in labor costs and materials prices such as enamel color pigments.


    To some extent, the quality of Chinese mosaic tile has reached or even exceeded that of European products in the same price range.


    How to contact Chinese mosaic tile suppliers

    There are two ways how you can get in touch with them: direct and indirect.  


    The most effective way how to cooperate with Chinese mosaic tile suppliers is via the direct method. It means that you go through agencies or fairs, where your proposal gets seen by several companies at once.  


    The indirect way how to cooperate with Chinese mosaic tile suppliers is via the Internet, i.e. by sending them your offer via email or by filling in their contact form on the company's website.   In the following part, we will explain how to do it in detail.  


    Direct method-Trade Event

    What happens in a trade event?

      A trade event is an opportunity for companies to meet with suppliers and buyers from different countries.  


    The most common type of trade events are exhibitions, etc., but there can also be seminars and conferences.


    Contact with Chinese mosaic tiles suppliers takes place at the trade event, which means that all interested companies have access to the Chinese mosaic tiles suppliers.


    With trade events, companies are able to get in touch with information on their market and on new emerging business opportunities.  But also customers are able to give feedback on products that they have bought. Contact with Chinese mosaic tile manufacturers is often made via exhibits, where different companies display their products at a certain price range.


    Contact with Chinese mosaic tiles suppliers can also be established through the use of a trade fair directory since most trade fairs have one. Contact with Chinese mosaic tile manufacturers in China is also achieved by searching databases on the internet.


    There are a lot of companies in China that produce these types of tiles, so it can be difficult to find out which ones are reputable and which ones aren't.        

    Indirect method-Internet

    Mixing contact with Chinese mosaic tiles suppliers and internet shopping is a popular trend nowadays.  It's more efficient to contact Chinese mosaic tiles suppliers via email or online chat so as to send out the inquiry message at first by a method called the Direct method.      


    Here is how it works: contact with Chinese mosaic tiles suppliers via the Direct method has 5 steps:      

    1. Login your email
    2. Find the website of mosaic tile suppliers, you can search them on Google, or on E-commerce platforms like Alibaba, and Amazon……
    3. Type the inquiry information in the contact form, such as the name of products, specifications, quantity, and so on; then click "send" to contact Chinese mosaic tiles suppliers via the contact form;
    4. Negotiations for contact details, payment, and delivery time (or other issues if any);
    5. Arrange the order after the agreement.


    Indirect method- Sourcing agencies


    It is not a good idea to cooperate with Chinese mosaic tiles suppliers directly because they have no English knowledge. And it's also not a wise move to cooperate with them through an interpreter.  


    The most effective way of buying from China is to cooperate with reliable Chinese mosaic tiles suppliers through a sourcing agency.  


    Mosaic tiles suppliers cooperate with sourcing agencies to fulfill their orders.


    We will introduce you to cooperating with reliable Chinese mosaic tiles suppliers through a sourcing agency, which is a very good way of sourcing products from China.  


    Sourcing agents gather demands from their clients. They cooperate with reliable Chinese mosaic tiles suppliers through sourcing agencies who are capable to produce the required products perfectly and then the agents let their clients know about that, which will save lots of time for buying staff.    


    Reliable channel for choosing Mosaic tile suppliers

    Canton fair  

    The Canton Fair is China's largest international exhibition, held twice a year in Guangzhou, the third biggest metropolis in the country. Canton fair has its history dating back to 1957 when it was initiated by Vice Premier Li Xiannian in Canton Province.


    Till 1988 Canton fair only had the import and export trades as its target audience. With the rapid development of China's economy Canton fair started to attract international investors after its expansion in 1992.


    Canton fair provides a wide range of business opportunities including government relations, product promotion, and distribution. Canton Fair is an important platform for international trade, product display, and cooperation



    Pangea offers a number of different sourcing opportunities for you to choose from. You can find suppliers in China, the United Kingdom, and other markets that offer factory partnerships with Pangea so your products will always come directly from the right place!


    Meima Mosaic  

    The company that crafts glass mosaic tiles since 2008, Meima is also one of the leading suppliers in China. We offer a wide range of products including mosaics for walls and floors as well as art pieces like vases or bowls made from these unique materials!


    We are confident you will have an amazing experience shopping with us so please take some time to browse through our selection below before deciding on what design suits your home best.  


    E-commerce platform-Alibaba


    Using Alibaba as a resource for finding Chinese mosaic tile suppliers will give you access to multiple factories so you can find the right supplier for you. Here are the steps to find suppliers on Alibaba:  

    1. Use the search bar.

      The search bar is located in the upper right corner of your screen, and it will allow you to find exactly what you're looking for. For example, if you're looking to find mosaic tile suppliers, simply type "mosaic tile" into the search bar and hit enter. After you've done that, Alibaba's listings will populate with suppliers that sell mosaic tiles:  

    1. Sort by country to find local suppliers.

      By default, Alibaba is set up to find suppliers from around the world, but if you need suppliers in your area you can find them by sorting the results to find local suppliers. To do this, simply click on the "Sort By" bar and select your desired country. Now, only suppliers based in that country will populate:  

    1. Find contact information for each supplier.

        Once you find a  supplier or a few suppliers that look promising, you can find contact information by clicking on the supplier's name. This will open up their profile page where you can find contact information and other useful detail.      


    With so many options for sourcing suppliers, it might be hard to know where the most reliable channels are.

    We suggest you start with Trade Events and then work your way down through Sourcing Agencies or the Internet.

    There is no one right answer since different approaches will yield different results depending on what you’re looking for in a supplier, but knowing all of these methods can help broaden your search and give you more choices when choosing mosaic tile suppliers.

    If you have other questions, please feel free to contact us! Thanks for your reading!                          

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