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    Why Do We Choose Stick and Peel Mosaic Tile



    Laying ceramic tile on any vertical surface can be difficult, and backsplashes are no exception.


    Whether they are single tiles or mosaic tiles, wall tiles are generally installed using the same thin-bodied adhesives used on floors and other horizontal surfaces.


    Vertical tiles sometimes refuse to adhere to the wall long enough for the thin-bodied glue can dry, which is no small frustration for DIYers.


    One possible solution to this problem is self-adhesive tile mats, which are particularly popular for backsplash applications behind countertops in kitchens and bathrooms.


    Sticky mats are similar to large sheets of double-sided tape. The mats are sold in rolls and come with adhesive on both sides, with the release paper protecting both surfaces.


    One side of the mat adheres to the wall, with the exposed side providing a surface for sticking the mosaic tiles.


    In this blog, we will share our experience with Peel and Stick Mosaic Tile for you, helping you to have a more clear understanding of this kind of product. 


    This blog will include the following content:



    peel and stick glass mosaic tile

    Pros and Cons of Peel and Stick Mosaic Tile


    Easy installation of tile backsplashes with self-adhesive tile mats


    In theory, this is an innovation that has many benefits - and in many cases works as promised.


    In practice, however, adhesive mats provide a less permanent bond than traditional thin-bodied adhesives and are not a good choice for applying large tiles or installing mesh-backed mosaic tiles that will detach from the mats over time.



    • Easy tiling
    • No curing time of the adhesive
    • Tiles don't slide
    • Cozy installation


    • Tiles can come loose over time
    • expensive
    • Limited holding power
    • Cost of adhesive tile mats

    The convenience offered by adhesive tile mats comes at a price, costing about four times the cost of traditional runny adhesives.


    This isn't a huge sum compared to the cost of the tile itself, but budget-conscious DIYers should consider it.


    Expect to pay around $2 to $3 per square foot for a self-adhesive tile mat.
    peel and stick mosaic tile


    Maintenance and repair

    The maintenance and repair of the tile itself are the same regardless of whether the tiles were applied with thin adhesives or self-adhesive tile mats.


    Grout lines must remain sealed and grout may need to be re-grouted periodically.


    Grouting can be a bit tricky as scraping out the old grout can cause the tiles to detach from the adhesive mat.


    If the tile is coming loose from the wall, it's best to give the wall the tile was on a thorough cleaning and then install a replacement tile, either with a small piece of the new adhesive mat or with traditional runny glue.



    Adhesive mats work adequately for many types of mosaic tile, but your choices are somewhat limited.


    Sticky mats have a holding power of about 7 pounds per square foot, which means large, heavy tiles aren't usually practical.


    And adhesive mats do not work well for mesh-backed mosaic panels.


    Since so many of the great glass and porcelain tiles that are so popular for backsplashes are mosaics, this can severely limit your design choices.




    Do Stick And Peel Mosaic Tile last?

    How long do peel and stick floors last?


    To answer the question bluntly, on average peel and stick floors can be expected to last between five and 25 years.


    However, their lifespan ultimately depends on how well they are installed, how much traffic they receive, and whether they are repeatedly exposed to water.



    Are our peel and stick tiles waterproof?

    Peel and stick tiles are waterproof, as they are made of multi-layered vinyl which makes them resistant to water and moisture in humid environments.


    But if water is left on them, it can seep into the cracks and damage the wall or subfloor. Avoid this by covering the tiles with a sealant or cleaning up any spills.


    Different Materials of Stick And Peel Mosaic Tile- Vinyl、glass or  aluminum 

    There are three main types of material you can choose for peel and stick mosaic tile: vinyl or aluminum and glass 


    all of these materials have their own benefits that make them ideal for different applications.


    Vinyl is a softer material, making it more flexible and easier to work with. It's also more affordable, making it a great option for budget-minded homeowners.


    Aluminum is more durable and heat-resistant, making it a great choice for areas that see a lot of traffic or high temperatures. It's also more expensive than vinyl, so keep that in mind when making your decision.


    Glass is the most expensive option for peel and stick mosaic tiles. It is also the most durable, but it can be difficult to work with.


    Glass is also very heavy, so it is not a good choice for those who are not experienced with mosaic tiles.


    The material you choose for your Peel and Stick Mosaic Tile will ultimately come down to personal preference and what best suits your needs.


    If you're not sure which material is right for you, consult with a professional to get their expert opinion. for you, talk to a professional tile installer to get their opinion.


    They can help you make the best decision for your home.


    Application of  Peel&stick Mosaic Tile 

    The adhesive mosaic can be applied to all existing surfaces: tiles, painted walls, Placoplatre®, glass, wood, etc.


    Installation steps

    Before laying it, always make sure that the surface is clean and dry, and that it is free of dust.


    Please note: the adhesive mosaic on the mesh is very adherent and therefore very difficult to remove.


    Be sure of yourself before asking! But it is a pleasure to work with natural and noble materials.


    To make installation easier for you and to be sure that everything will be straight, you can use a level to draw the guidelines of your installation with a pencil.


    Then comes the " stripping " phase, which simply consists of gently removing the protective film from the adhesive.


    All you have to do is carefully apply the plate to the wall, checking that it follows the lines you have previously drawn.


    Once all the mosaic tiles have been laid, you can make the joint.


    Good to know: The adhesive mosaic does not require drying time, so you can immediately enjoy your new decoration!

    Some recommendations

    The adhesive mosaic is perfect for walls but it is not recommended for floors.


    Plates on a frame will then be preferred. The colored cubes are then pre-glued on a nylon net and can be cut easily with scissors to create friezes, listels...


    To give a touch of elegance to your bathroom, you can apply a shiny black mosaic frieze above the white basins.


    The graphic side of the contrast will give relief to your wall. In the kitchen, a " stone " colored mosaic splashback will look great!


    Peel&stick mosaic tile manufacturer for Wholesale 


    Clever tech 

    The people at Clever Tech are a friendly and knowledgeable bunch!


    They've been in business since 2010, with an exported product range that includes peel&stick tiles for your home's kitchen or bathroom--to edging pieces perfect if you want to give some life (and color) onto old verbs.

    The city of Shenzhen is a hotbed for tech start-ups, with companies like Clever Tech Co., Ltd.


    We are the country's wholesale Peel & Stick Tile supplier and we export our tiles all over Europe!



    GAUDEA Mosaics is a brand founded in 2013.


    We have our own factory that specializes in producing laminated glass mosaic tiles, which are also called glue-laminated, and PVC bottom stick out at the bottom of each individual piece for beautifully textured surfaces like never before!


    There are diverse kinds available depending on your taste or need - we're sure there'll be something perfect just waiting to happen with these amazing products from us here today...


    Our production capacity can reach 15k sqm monthly plus 90% going abroad mainly towards France but also Mexico among other countries around North America too;




    Peel and Stick Backsplash is an innovative product that allows you to seamlessly integrate your kitchen's design with the latest trends in home decorating.


    It also provides a more practical alternative for those who are looking forward to staying within budget constraints but still having their space reflect them individually!

    We offer Peel&stick tiles from all over Europe, America, Australia & Croatia, and China 


    All our products come at great prices without compromising quality so everyone can enjoy beautiful designs while saving money too!.


    The best part about this company?


    We want its cooperate with other businesses both domestic and international; creating one big future together where everyone wins


    Global Bridge Building materials Co., Ltd

    Founded in 2006, Foshan Global Bridge Building Materials Co., Ltd. is a mosaic tile company that helps our clients grow their businesses by designing and sourcing delivery products for them from China.


    We have an elegant showroom of 4 thousand two hundred square meters with modern office space nearby to handle all aspects of production efficiently while maintaining high standards on quality control through customer service excellence




    Since 2019, Loftland has established its brand on Amazon and Wayfair.


    The company was built upon the belief that when you surround yourself with beautiful things--you create an even more intentional life!


    And we think this is pretty great stuff don't cha know? So in order for everyone else out there who doesn’t have access or funds (or time!)to do so;


    Loftland made it easier than ever before possible by providing luxury decorations at prices anyone can afford without having too much debt load

    Dozan Mosaic&Tiles LTD


    Dozan Mosaic & Tiles LTD is a company focused on providing high-quality products, innovative concepts, and outstanding support to clients.


    Founded by Mr. Franki Lee who has experience in the industry for over 20 years- he knows how important it can be when starting out or growing your business!


    With his knowledge behind us we will always ensure total consumer satisfaction while surpassing expectations every time!

    Meima Mosaic 


    Meima Mosaic is the mosaic factory of Foshan Well New Material Co.

    In 2008, we started to produce glass mosaic products, and then gradually expanded our product range, forming a glass mosaic, stone mosaic, and metal mosaic-based professional mosaic manufacturing plant with a full range of products.

    Whether it is material, shape, size, color, treatment process, or packaging, our factory can be customized according to the specific requirements of customers.

    Our current production capacity is 40,000 square meters per month, and our customers are mainly building materials importers and building materials supermarkets in the United States and Europe.

    We look forward to cooperating with you.



    So, there you have it – everything you need to know about stick and peel mosaic tile!


    We hope this article has helped clear up any questions or concerns you may have had. If you’re still not sure which type of tile is right for your project, or if you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us! Our team would be happy to help.


    And don’t forget – at Mosaic Tile Shop, we offer wholesale prices on all of our tiles, so be sure to check out our site today.

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