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    One of the most popular flooring options available today is vinyl tiles. This type of flooring is both affordable and stylish, and it can be used in a variety of settings. If you're looking for a new flooring option, vinyl tiles are definitely worth considering.


    There are a number of different vinyl tile suppliers out there, so it's important to do your research before making a purchase.


    That’s why we wrote this blog. The information we share in the blog will help you to have a clear understanding of the different kinds of mosaic tiles. Also, we will introduce some reliable vinyl tiles suppliers to you for reference.


    If you want to have interest in the vinyl tiles suppliers and relative products. Do not miss it.

    The blog will conclude with the following topic:

    Most common kinds of China Mosaic tiles 

    Among all these choices, why do we choose vinyl mosaic tile

    The top 10 vinyl tiles suppliers for Wholesale

    Most common kinds of China Mosaic tiles 

    The history of mosaics dates back to around 2,000 B.C. when man started to decorate different types of work such as stone and different types of pottery (History of Mosaic).


    One form of artistic mosaic is the use of tiles for walls and floors. Floor tiles provide a flat surface that can be easy to clean and maintain and one of the most popular types of this is mosaic tiles.


    Mosaic tiles come in different shapes, sizes, and different materials such as glass, marble, and vinyl. Each different type has its own advantages for different purposes such as using marble to create a luxuriously elegant floor or using vinyl which is more durable than glass or marble, especially for a floor.


    Glass mosaic tiles


    Glass mosaic tiles are one of the most elegant types available. Glass is fragile but stylish and comes in a beautiful array of colors and patterns which make for a luxurious look when used as a wall mural or as a tabletop.


    Glass is also smooth to the touch making it very easy to clean and maintain, especially useful in a bathroom. Because of its smooth surface, the glass mosaic is perfect for an indoor or outdoor kitchen countertop and can even be used for mosaics in the pool.


    Glass is also available in different shapes and sizes to best fit any area such as large tiles which can accommodate larger spaces such as floors and walls and smaller pieces more suitable for small areas such as kitchen counters or bathrooms.


    Glass mosaic tiles are sold in different variations of basic colors and can be mixed to achieve the desired coloring when decorating a wall or floor. However, because glass is a fragile material, it must be handled with care.


    Glass also has some disadvantages since it is more expensive than other materials and has a harder time maintaining its color over the years.


    Glass mosaic tiles should be used in areas that won't get a lot of wear and tear, such as bathrooms or kitchens. Also, glass is more difficult to cut and make straight lines because it tends to crumble and break during the process (The History of Mosaic).


    Another disadvantage of using glass is that it can be very slippery, especially if there's any water or moisture on the floor.

     Marble mosaic tiles


    Marble mosaic tiles are also popular to use as wall and floor tiles. Marble has been used since ancient Greece and Rome because of its beauty and durability .


    Marble comes in different patterns to give any room a luxurious look. Marble is one of the most versatile types because it can be used indoors and outdoors to enhance a room's beauty.


    As marble ages, its color darkens gradually and this gives the impression that the marble is even more luxurious than it appears to be when first purchased 


    Marble tiles come in different sizes and shapes and they are very durable, unlike glass. Marble can also be cut into different shapes or designs for an interesting effect when decorating a wall or floor.


    Marble tiles are available at different prices and they vary in durability depending on the type of stone used, but marble is one of the most expensive types of mosaic tiles 


    Marble is also porous which can be a disadvantage since it can absorb dirt and dust more easily than other types of tiles. Marble is also not as easy to cut like glass and vinyl and this makes marble more difficult to install


    Another disadvantage of using marble floor tiles is that the surface tends to wear down more quickly than other types, especially in high-traffic areas 


    Copper mosaic tiles


    We have advantages that will lead to advantages of copper mosaic tiles.


    - clean and sanitary


    - low maintenance


    - easy to install, so it saves time and money for you to use in your home or business building.


    - no painting is needed, so your building will look great all the time because people may never know this gorgeous metal is actually a building material.


    - great design, color, and shape choices are available. Just imagine all the advantages you can have with copper!


    We will explain them in detail

    1) Clean and Sanitary


    Copper always looks clean because it doesn't corrode nor rust. With its natural properties it's easy to be cleaned and doesn't hold dirt. You can have a building with advantages of copper because you know that this metal will always look clean even if it has been exposed to the outdoor elements for a long time.


    2) Low Maintenance


    - Copper is naturally anti-microbial, so no need to worry about germs lingering around your building.


    - Copper is easy to clean, so there is no need for you to hire people to do it.


    - You can just use soap and water to have the advantages of copper because this metal takes dirt away easily.


    3) Easy Installation  


    Because copper is very malleable, this metal is easy to bend into shapes that will fit your building.


    - No need for any special skills in order to install the advantages of copper because even if you are not a professional, it's still possible for you to install this material in your home or business building.


    4) Design, Color, and Shape Options


    You can choose the advantages of copper based on the design, color, and shape that best suits your building. You can also combine the advantages of copper with another type of material to have a complete building. Just imagine having advantages of copper in combination with advantages of wood tiles, advantages of granite tiles, or advantages of limestone tiles. There are so many choices you can choose for your building!  

    Where to buy dependable floor leveler

    Among all these choices, why did we choose vinyl mosaic tile

            Floor coverings are the most common objects applied to the floor of the space under the roof.

    Wholesale vinyl tiles are the perfect choice for your areas of high traffic, especially bathrooms and kitchens, because they are resistant to moisture and scratches. Vinyl is the second most commonly used material after ceramic tiles covering the floors of the world.

    wholesale vinyl tiles have the advantage of being the cheapest floor covering, the most durable, and the easiest to clean. Especially when you get them from reliable wholesale peel and stick vinyl tiles suppliers

    Vinyl tiles are also very hygienic - the risk of infection does not arise from the materials used like other floors. It is very easy to install and remove the old vinyl tile and can be cleaned with a damp cloth or mop without using chemicals.

     Vinyl flooring is the most popular type of floor coverings in the world. In the past, the sale of vinyl tiles was a very small market because the supplies were limited and the quality was poor. Now, with the development of the production technology, the quality has been greatly improved and today they have a huge market share.

    If a simple tile with a design will make the rest of the interior of the room looks very old, the beauty of the floor is the best choice. It will be the focus of the whole room, and the lines of the vinyl tiles can serve as a design element.

    In addition, the cost of installation is very low - you need only a few hours to complete the job yourself. Vinyl has all the qualities of the most preferred floorings, and the thickness varies from 0.5 mm to 2.5 mm, which can be taken according to the amount of traffic in the room and the desired sound insulation.

     Today the offer of vinyl tiles is very broad: we can choose between wood, marble, or stone imitation; the effect of the old the new floor as the market will offer the latest trends. Vinyl floors cover the most important advantages of all the floor coverings - the cost, durability, and the positive impact on the environment. It does not require a lot of maintenance and it is very durable, so its life can vary from 15 to 50 years.

      In the past, the furnishings were made of natural products, but today the market offers a variety of artificial materials. The vinyl flooring is the best choice for the environmentally conscious because the production process does not require the use of harmful substances and the disposal will have no impact on the environment.

    The Top 10 Vinyl Tiles Suppliers for Wholesale


    Chongqing Hui Gong Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

    We at Chongqing Hui Gong Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. value the importance of quality and responsibility to our customers above all else- it's what makes us a reputable company with an excellent reputation in this industry!

    We pride ourselves on having strict standards for production which ensure high product reliability as well as support throughout every phase of their needs including helping them find solutions tailored specifically towards meeting those specific desires or requirements they may have while still maintaining safety considerations


    Fujian Minmetals CBM Co., Ltd.

    Fuzhou Minmetals is a company that specializes in the production and distribution of building materials. The name itself implies their location - Fuzhou City, China; however, this does not mean they only sell products from there! After 16 years of accumulation within these industries it has become obvious how important quality control can be for any business looking to make an impact on both local communities as well as international markets: globally positioning integrated one-stop supplier/service provider with over 500 square meters total floor space located at 3 locations (including our head office) all equipped teams ready 24 hours per day 7 days a week year-round 365


    The spruce

    The Spruce is a one-stop-shop for all of your home renovation needs. From decorating and gardening advice to entertaining and repair tutorials--we've got you covered! Our library includes more than 14 thousand pieces on everything from bathroom retiling right through DIY projects like installing hardwood floors or making an outdoor kitchen island; we're here sprucing up the space in every corner o the house (and yard).



    CICKO, a superior supplier of Europe and Japan-originated flooring tile manufacturer has just what you're looking for.

    We offer customers in China the opportunity to select from our wide variety of PVC tiles that will suit their needs no matter where they are located! Not only do we have an extensive network of sales offices around Asia but also ten countries worldwide allow us total flexibility when providing solutions based on client requests with advanced technologies like those found only at Cicko

    In recent years many companies began manufacturing products made out Polyvinyl chloride (PVC). This durable material can withstand even heavy traffic without showing any wear or tear while offering its users unbeatable durability so there's nothing standing between them and success


    Jiangsu BBL Home Technology Company Limited

    Established in 1991, Jiangsu BBL Home Technology Company Limited (also known as BBL)is located in Changzhou, Jiangsu province, a professional manufacturer of Vinyl Flooring, Laminate Flooring as well as Engineered wood flooring.

    We have more than 28 years of experience in construction materials and have a good reputation in this field.

    Our products have been exported to more than 128 countries worldwide. We have implemented a strict and complete quality control system, which ensures that each product can best meet customers' quality requirements.

     Besides, all of our products have been strictly inspected before shipment. We have attained IS09001: 2008 certification for our management system and are now using Lean Manufacturing System to Improve our efficiency of internal management.In 2010, BBL. set up "Product Research and Developing Department".

     Jointly with Nanjing Forestry University, BBL has established the "BBL Floor Engineering Technology Research and Developing Center". Every 3 days, one new color will be created by this center.

    This center will develop any new flooring color based on different market's flooring style requirements will insist on our business concept, which is"Following the market need, based on professional marketing, guaranteed by the creditable service" to build BBL as a professional brand and providing satisfactory products and service to clients all over the world. BBL will commit to making" BBL" brand as a world-known brand both in the international and domestic market for various building materials

    Nanjing MGM New Materials Co., Ltd

    Nanjing MGM New Materials Co., Ltd is a professional enterprise of vinyl and laminate flooring in China. ISO9001, IS1400A certified company with Floor Score DIBT TUV SGS test certificate passed, we keep expanding the scale production launching competitive new products.

    We built one US overseas factory having monthly output 1 500 000 square meters which have 65 lines of related equipment so far

    MGMNew materials company located at Nanking City owns several patents on producing high-quality floors through innovation while maintaining strict compliance to international standards  Additionally they have invested heavily into research & development ensuring that their latest innovations are up-to-date enough for any market need

    Meima Mosaic

    Meima Mosaic is the mosaic factory of Foshan Well New Material Co.

    In 2008, we started to produce glass mosaic products, and then gradually expanded our product range, forming a glass mosaic, stone mosaic, metal mosaic-based professional mosaic manufacturing plant with a full range of products.

    Whether it is material, shape, size, color, treatment process, or packaging, our factory can be customized according to the specific requirements of customers.

    Our current production capacity is 40,000 square meters per month, and our customers are mainly building materials importers and building materials supermarkets in the United States and Europe.

    We look forward to cooperating with you. 

    Anyway floor

    The floor is a company that specializes in vinyl floors for more than 20 years. They have two categories: household and commercial use, with complete specifications of Europe Unilin lock patterns to install them without gluing which makes their product easy to go!

    The quality still needs improvement but they're expanding into new markets while maintaining domestic customer satisfaction all at once through business negotiation welcome aboard here today!.

    Xiamen Fortune Construction Co., Ltd.

    Xiamen Fortune Construction Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of vinyl flooring with a strong technical force and rich experience in the vinyl flooring field.

    Our technical team can provide you with a professional design style, your unique color if you want. We may offer a wider range of sizes.

    With a wide range, good quality, reasonable prices, and stylish designs, our products are extensively used in construction supermarkets, projects, and other industries.

    Our products are widely recognized and trusted by users and can meet continuously changing economic and social needs. We welcome new and old customers from all walks of life to contact us for future business relationships and mutual success! 


    Henan Asxxoon Flooring CO.,LTD.

    Henan Asxxoon Flooring CO.,LTD. is an integrated enterprise, which has the ability of researching, producing and sell.

    We are able to produce several tens of products including Kang leather, non-woven fabrics leather and holly plastic leather which mostly used for Home, School, Hospital, Office and Commercial premises.

    The products of our company have been exported to many countries and regions such as Africa, Central Asia, the Middle East, etc. We could provide more than one thousand designs which satisfied with your choices, also can make such products tailoring to different users, satisfying various management and consumption demands. 



    To wrap up, we hope you found this blog post helpful and informative. If you’re looking for a beautiful vinyl tile that is durable yet affordable, then the China vinyl tiles are right for your needs.

    Of course, there may be other options out there if these don’t suit your tastes or budget- but these have been our top choices among all types of mosaic styles. We also want to mention some key benefits of going with vinyl over porcelain as well as a list of wholesale vinyl tiles suppliers who can help deliver wholesale orders at competitive prices. These tips should serve as a good starting point in helping you find the perfect product for your home improvement project!  

    If you still have other questions, please feel free to contact us! Thanks for your reading!

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