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    3D glass tile suppliers are an excellent solution to any space that needs a little bit of flair. These tiles will not only give your space an elegant look, but they also help to make the room appear larger than it is.


    This makes them ideal for use in bathrooms, kitchens, and other small spaces where you want to make the most out of what you have available.


    The best part about 3d glass tile suppliers is that they come in many different shapes and styles so there's sure to be something perfect for whatever design need you may have!


    In this article, we will explain the reason why 3d glass tiles can have such popularity from various aspects. Do not miss it if you have interests. 3d glass mosaic tiles  

    What are 3D glass tiles?

    A 3D glass tile is a combination of materials, glazing techniques, and effects that result in a pattern on the surface of the finished tile.


    In most cases, one side will be an architectural grade porcelain body, as plain as possible but capable of being cleanly broken into sections by hand or with a light tap from an ordinary hammer.


    The front face of the piece must have a smooth hard glaze applied under high temperature to afford resistance to wear and cleaning chemicals. On top of this goes the creative work – the “business” side - which may be painted with acrylics, made up of resin and glass chips, sandblasted, or silk-screened.


    What is also possible is to create a three-dimensional effect where the graphic work is 3mm deep or so and relief tiles can be used as pavers in outdoor areas such as courtyards and terraces, where they will add an artistic touch.  


    How does 3d glass tile make?


    #1 The first step in creating this look is to select an architectural grade porcelain body that can be cleanly broken into sections by hand. This body must be able to be broken cleanly in order to create the line in between tiles.


    The tile in between will remain in place while the remainder of the tile is cut away with a diamond blade saw.  


    #2 After an appropriately sized section has been removed, it is time for fabrication - which includes applying a special glass glaze under high temperatures.


    This glass glaze should have a smooth surface and will serve as a protective layer for very high traffic areas such as hallways, lobbies, and other commercial spaces where there are lots of people walking by on a daily basis.  


     #3 What follows is the creative work. What makes this tile unique and interesting is the artistic component, which can include painted graphics using acrylic paints for a stained-glass effect, or graphic designs made up of resin and glass chips for a mosaic look.


    The final step in this process involves applying an adhesive to secure the individual pieces in place. A grout mixture that matches the color of the glaze then goes on top of each piece in between them before being polished off with a high-speed polisher  


    The benefits of 3D glass tiles

    The installation of a glass tile border can enhance the value and the appearance of the area in the home.


    The basic idea is to set the glass tiles at a 90-degree angle to the existing surface, if the pattern you are looking for will be seen from the front it has to consist of an even number of tiles, but if the pattern will be viewed by the side then an uneven number of tiles should be used.  


    The benefits of 3d glass tiles allow this design element to become much more versatile.  

    -First, the 3d effect creates shadows when natural light shines on it.


    This effect gives depth and interest to what would otherwise be a flatly decorated surface. This style is very popular among architects.  


    - Second, because each tile is three-dimensional, the pattern the tiles create changes depending on the perspective the viewer has. This is the major difference between 3d glass tiles and ceramic tiles.


    With the latter, the pattern remains flat no matter where you're standing. With the former, it can be much more interesting to view the pattern from one side than another - if that's what you need for your design style.  


    - Third, with 3d glass borders comes a great variety of materials, shapes, and colors.


    There are endless possibilities here. You may even make your own special design by mixing different common tesserae (a mosaic piece) together to form something unique.   Every material used for precast tile installation can now also be found in a 3d version


    - the only exception is the metallic material, which is not appropriate for the larger glass tiles.   There are endless possibilities with the installation of 3d border tiles. It will depend on the creativity and imagination of the installer to determine the right color combination, pattern, and the size  

    The installation of 3d glass tile.

      The first step to a successful installation of a 3d glass tile border is preparation.


    This includes surface repairs, measuring the area where the new 3d border will be installed, and selecting the best design pattern using different patterns as samples.


    The installation itself should take approximately 2-3 days depending on the labor force available and the intricacy of the pattern chosen.  


    After this you can sit back and enjoy your new home design, knowing that the final result matches your taste precisely.  


    3d glass tiles come in many different shapes and colors. They can also be custom-designed to the specific pattern the client is looking for, which makes the tiling process the perfect opportunity for creative expression.


    This design element adds character and personality to the room where it is installed. Best of all, the 3d nature of the tiles allows one to see the intended patterns from many angles (depending on the distance between them), making ceramic tile borders obsolete.  


    Where to buy: Reliable 3D glass tile suppliers


    Qingdao Century Import & Export Co., Ltd.

    Established in 2005, our company is known for exporting building materials such as tiles and slabs.


    We operate two factories on the coast of China that manufacture these products to international standards with over decades worth of experience under one roof!


    With your help, we can continue providing you high-quality service at competitive prices 24/7 365 days per year without interruption or downtime whatsoever so please contact us today before it’s too late!!


    Foshan Bosaier Decorating Materials Co., Ltd

    Bosaier, the leading company in glass mosaic tiles with an output of 20000 sq ft per month.


    Founded by two siblings who have over 20 years of experience and employ 150 skilled workers at their 8000 square meter manufacturing plant, Bosaier is known for its high standard craftsmanship across U.S & European markets alike


    The Bosisiers provide customers a wide variety of designs suitable for any space no matter if it's residential or commercial due to quality


    One can always rely on when purchasing from them With strong creativity and professionalism, with perseverance and pursuit of mosaic art we have been managing to employ modern technology into our production process in hopes that one day it would become the new preference for decorative materials.

     Gurukirpa Industries

    Established in the year 2008, we, Gurukirpa Industries , are involved with manufacturing and exporting ceramic tiles of many different shapes and sizes.


    We use only high-grade materials to create our products which meet international quality standards for safety purposes as well!


    The company was established by a group of entrepreneurs who share one goal: To provide you with excellent customer service while also offering the most innovative product offerings on today's market so that your home will look great regardless of what style suits yours best - from elegant traditional styles (polymer stone) all way down through rustic modern looks using natural stones or handcrafted pieces made locally right here within North America too!.

    Meima Mosaic 

    Meima Mosaic is the mosaic factory of Foshan Well New Material Co. In 2008, we started to produce vinyl ,glass and stone mosaics for decoration purposes; then gradually expanded our product range into metal ones with a full range of customizations such as material selection or shape design on request from customers all across the Asia Pacific Region

    They also provide the printing mosaic tile like inkjet printing and UV printing mosaic tile, which increases the possibility of customization. 

    due to their creativity in terms of color treatment process customization options available at no extra cost especially if you are looking forward getting them delivered right onto your doorstep!

    Beijing Tonglanhai Technology Co., Ltd

    The walls of our homes are often a canvas for us to create an image that suits the space.


    Tonglanhai, which means “a place where people gather” in Mandarin Chinese (literally), aims at bringing color and creativity into each room with three-dimensional wall panel designations like "Boutique" or "Mirror."


    Their rich colors offer you endless options when decorating your home while their sustainable qualities make them eco-friendly as well! The eco-friendly wall covering is made from a material that can absorb sound and heat, it also has features like being wetproof.


    It's perfect for those looking to decorate their home in an environmentally conscious way with some livelier colors than traditional paint options offer! Every year we release 10 new designs at least once per month so there will always be one of the most up-to-date styles available without having you wait months between shipments or order runs.


    Do not hesitate on this incredible opportunity;  



    3D glass tiles are a new trend in the tile industry. They have been gaining popularity and for good reason!


    These eye-catching additions to any room can be used as a focal point or accent on your wall with their vibrant colors and unique shapes that come alive when you look at them from different angles.


    You might want to consider adding these custom pieces of art into your space if you're looking for an upgrade without going overboard. The benefits of 3D glass tiles range from being decorative to protecting surfaces by keeping dirt hidden inside the grout lines instead of on top where it's more noticeable.


    If you need some help deciding what type would work best for your needs, contact us today! We'll give you all the information.

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